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Dr Demian Whiting


Demian Whiting

Senior Lecturer

Biography Demian Whiting is based in Philosophy and Hull York Medical School. He obtained a PhD in Philosophy in 2002, at Sheffield University, before being appointed Lecturer in Health Care Ethics at Liverpool University in 2003. He moved to Hull in April 2011.

Demian's main research focuses on the philosophy of mind. He is particularly interested in the nature of emotion (he argues that emotions are non-representational/non intentional feeling states) and how emotion might connect to motivation, moral thought, and the self (he believes emotion is centrally involved in all of these things), and is currently working on a book that explores these themes. He is interested also in phenomenal consciousness, including whether there is an appearance/reality distinction in the case of conscious mental states and the way they feel to us (he argues there is no such distinction), and the question of whether phenomenal consciousness is the real mark of the mental (he believes there are powerful reasons to think it is the mark of the mental).