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Dr Xiaoli Ma

Biography Dr Xiaoli Ma has research experience in the areas of sustainable building services, renewable/sustainable energy, energy efficiency technologies, energy in built environment and instrumentation technologies.

She has conducted 26 research projects, attracting funded with a total value of 2.7 million from bodies including the EU, EPSRC, Innovate UK, IEEA, National Science and Technology Committee of China, and industry

Dr Ma has published over 90 papers in scientific journals and international conferences, as well as 2 books and 3 book chapters. She has 2 patents.

Successful proposals and attracted grants:

-A Super Performance Dew Point Cooler for Data Center, Carbon trust (IEEA), Xiaoli Ma, Xudong Zhao and Zishang Zhu, 2019 (18 months), £692, 201

-A Novel Loop-Heat-Pipe (LHP)-based Data Centre Heat Removal and Recovery System Employing the Micro-channels Cold/Hot Plates, EU FP7, Xudong Zhao, Philip Rubini and Xiaoli Ma, 2019 (24 months), €225k

- Low Grade Waste Heat Driven CHP Combined with ejector System for Heating, Cooling and Power Generation in the Drink Supply Chain, Innovate UK Food Supply Chain, S B Riffat and Xiaoli Ma, 2015 (24 months), £663,245.

- High temperature PCM/Brayton cycle energy storage, Innovate UK, Energy Catalyst, S B Riffat and Xiaoli Ma 2014 (24 months), £649,995.

- Solar Collector and PCM Thermal Façade for Low Carbon Buildings, EU FP7 Programme, S B Riffat and Xiaoli Ma, 2014 (24 months) €190,000.

- Photocatalytic Mop Fan Air Cleaning System for Industrial Applications, S B Riffat and Xiaoli Ma, EPSRC, 2010 (18 months), £42,600

- A Novel Solar Façade Hot Water Heating System Using Loop Heat Pipe Technology, Xudong Zhao and Xiaoli Ma, Pikington Energy Efficiency Trust, UK, £5000, 2009 (18 months)

Recent research project achievements:
-A super performance dew point cooler for Data Centre achieving 90% energy saving for data Centre cooling.

- Super performance dew point cooling system achieving highest efficiency among the existing similar system (2017).

- 5kW solar driven steam ejector cooling system has been successfully installed in ENIT in Tunis for office cooling (2011).

- Highly efficient mop fan system for air cleaning, 35.4W running power saving 1.3kW heating energy (2011).

- Environmental friendly low grade waste heat (<120oC) power generation system achieving 15% of efficiency (2014).
Scopus Author ID 55728876500