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Professor Graham Williams

Post Nominals PhD, SFHEA, FCSFS
Biography My forensic science career started in 2002 with the Forensic Science Service in London, where I was a Reporting Officer/Forensic Biologist. My areas of expertise are in DNA profiling, body fluid evidence, clothing damage analysis, and bloodstain pattern analysis. I left the FSS in 2007 to take up a Lecturing position at the University of Huddersfield, where I embraced academic life and finding excellence in forensic science teaching. I also developed my research here becoming the UK's Leading Body Fluid researcher. In 2017, I took up the position of Head of Department for Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. In 2019, I was conferred Professor of Forensic Biology, at which point I stepped away from the Head of Department role, to focus on preparing the REF submissions, working as Co-Lead for UoA 20 (Social Policy) and the Environment Statement Lead. I was also the author of an impact case study.
In 2022, I took up the position of Professor of Forensic Science at the University of Hull and I am currently the Programme Director for Forensic Science.
Research Interests My primary field of research is in body fluid identification, using genetic and epigenetic approaches (specifically microRNA and DNA methylation). My interest do span out from this - looking at the wider forensic applications of forensic epigenetics and developing research in to practice.
I also research into Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and wider forensic genetic areas