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ThrombiGlow: ‘Smart’ Multimodal Platelet Specific ‘Theranostic’ Drug Delivery Imaging

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Project Description

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) including heart attacks and strokes constitute the leading cause of mortality in the UK. The pathology underlying CVD is called atherothrombosis and is a complex, multi-cellular-inflammatory disorder. Central to this is the uncontrolled activation of platelets, as exemplified by the clinical success of
anti-platelet drugs. While current therapy has been successful in reducing the burden of disease, arterial thrombosis continues to induce significant mortality leading to the desire for efficous therapeutic interventions. The aim of this studentship is to create a
series of state-of-the-art-therapeutic-imaging or ‘theranostic’ agents for advancing targeted and personalised therapy in platelet control. A platelet specific delivery systems based on nanoparticles for both drug-delivery and multimodal imaging will be developed. A range of in-vitro techniques will be used to validate specific platformplatelet
binding and efficacy of the drug-delivery system. The ability to monitor the localisation of a drug in the body and control its distribution has huge potential in increasing drug efficacy and improving anti-platelet therapy, alongside imaging thrombus formation in real-time.

Type of Project Project
Status Project Live
Funder British Heart Foundation
Value £107,146.00
Project Dates Feb 1, 2017 - Jan 31, 2020

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