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Evaluation of the Deployment of Body-Worn Video in Humberside Police

People Involved

Mrs Lesley Gratrix
Lecturer in Adult Nursing/ BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing (Apprenticeships)

Project Description

The principal purposes of this project are to develop an innovative methodology to evaluate the deployment of Body Worn Video-camera programme. The introduction of this new technology is the result of a complex change process where the decisions are transformed into programs, procedures, regulations, or practices aimed at betterment of policing activities. It is possible to classify the factors affecting the deployment of this new technology within three main domains: the police-member of public relations, the transformation of the officers’ work practices and the internal governance of police forces. This frame of reference invites evaluators to consider challenges present when assessing the introduction of BWV.
The overarching aims of the project are two. The first one is to provide a rolling audit of the deployment of body-worn video (BWV) in Humberside. The project will focus on the procedures in place in Humberside to facilitate the effective use of the BWV hardware and the preparation, storage and use of BWV footage. The project team will provide ongoing reports to Humberside Police that will allow protocols and procedures to be adapted in response to examples of good and bad practice, and the observations and reflections of BWV users. The second purpose is to develop innovative procedure to evaluate policies and the implementation of programmes. Due to the reduce scale of the project, the focus will be on two out of three domains: the transformation of the work practices due to the impact of BW cameras and the effect of the internal police governance. This project seeks to provide Humberside police with the best practice possible in rolling out the new technology and to develop protocols for the evaluation of future programmes.

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) N8 Policing Research Partnership
Value £5,000.00
Project Dates Dec 1, 2018 - Apr 30, 2020
Partner Organisations University of Sheffield