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Alternative histories and futures of International Fisheries Law (2018)
Book Chapter
Barnes, R. (in press). Alternative histories and futures of International Fisheries Law. In Strengthening International Fisheries Law in an era of changing oceansBloomsbury Publishing

Counterfactual thinking is used to analyse historical events or the effectiveness of political regimes. It is also used to show the contingency of events. What if we were to apply counterfactual thinking to the international regulation of fisheries?... Read More

Environmental rights in marine spaces (2017)
Barnes, R. (in press). Environmental rights in marine spaces. In S. Bogojevic, & R. Rayfue (Eds.), Environmental rights in Europe and beyondOxford: Bloomsbury Publishing

Flag states (2015)
Barnes, R. (2015). Flag states. In D. Rothwell, A. Oude Elferink, K. Scott, & T. Stephens (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook on the Law of the Sea, 304-325. Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP)

Flag State jurisdiction provides one of the principal ways of maintaining legal order over activities at sea, although its significance has lessened as a consequence of extensions in coastal State jurisdiction over ocean spaces. Any State may grant... Read More