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GPI-anchored uPAR requires Endo180 for rapid directional sensing during chemotaxis

Sturge, Justin; Wienke, Dirk; East, Lucy; Jones, Gareth E.; Isacke, Clare M.


Dirk Wienke

Lucy East

Gareth E. Jones

Clare M. Isacke


Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) and its receptor (uPAR) play an important role in cell guidance and chemotaxis during normal and pathological events. uPAR is GPI-anchored and the mechanism by which it transmits intracellular polarity cues across the plasma membrane during directional sensing has not been elucidated. The constitutively recycling endocytic receptor Endo180 forms a trimolecular complex with uPAR in the presence of uPA, hence its alternate name uPAR-associated protein. Here, we demonstrate that Endo180 is a general promoter of random cell migration and has a more specific function in cell chemotaxis up a uPA gradient. Endo180 expression was demonstrated to enhance uPA-mediated filopodia production and promote rapid activation of Cdc42 and Rac. Expression of a noninternalizing Endo180 mutant revealed that promotion of random cell migration requires receptor endocytosis, whereas the chemotactic response to uPA does not. From these studies, we conclude that Endo180 is a crucial link between uPA–uPAR and setting of the internal cellular compass.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Sep 1, 2003
Journal The Journal of Cell Biology
Print ISSN 0021-9525
Electronic ISSN 1540-8140
Publisher Rockefeller University Press
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 162
Issue 5
Pages 789-794
APA6 Citation Sturge, J., Wienke, D., East, L., Jones, G. E., & Isacke, C. M. (2003). GPI-anchored uPAR requires Endo180 for rapid directional sensing during chemotaxis. Journal of Cell Biology, 162(5), 789-794.
Keywords Cdc42; endocytosis; migration; Rac; uPA
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