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The impact of spatial temporal averaging on the dynamic statistical properties of rain fields

Paulson, Kevin; Yang, Guangguang; Ndzi, David; Grémont, Boris; Paulson, Kevin; Filip, Misha; Paul, David


Guangguang Yang

David Ndzi

Boris Grémont

Misha Filip

David Paul


Knowledge of the spatial-temporal variation of rain fields is required for the planning and optimization of wide area high frequency terrestrial and satellite communication networks. This paper presents data and a method for characterizing multi-resolutions statistical/dynamic parameters describing the spatial-temporal variation of rain fields across ocean climate in North- Western Europe. The data is derived from the NIMROD network of rain radars. The characterizing parameters include: (i) statistical distribution of point one-minute rainfall rates, (ii) spatial and temporal correlation function of rainfall rate and, (iii) the probability of rain/no-rain. The main contributions of this paper are the assessment of the impact of varying spatial and temporal integration lengths on these parameters, their dependencies on the integration volumes and area sizes, and the model for both temporal and spatial correlation parameters.

Journal Article Type Article
Print ISSN 0018-926X
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Article Number AP1610-1537.R2
Institution Citation Yang, G., Ndzi, D., Grémont, B., Paulson, K., Filip, M., & Paul, D. (in press). The impact of spatial temporal averaging on the dynamic statistical properties of rain fields. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation,
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