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An Optically-Programmable Absorbing Metasurface

Kossifos, K. M.; Antoniades, M. A.; Georgiou, J.; Jaafar, A. H.; Kemp, N. T.


K. M. Kossifos

M. A. Antoniades

J. Georgiou

A. H. Jaafar



A tunable metasurface absorber is presented in this work using an optically-programmable capacitor as the tuning element. The tuning element does not employ conventional semiconductor technologies to operate but rather a bases its tuning by changing the optomechanical properties of its dielectric, poly disperse red 1 acrylate (PDR1A). Doing so there are no conventional semiconductor devices in the RF signal path. The metasurface operates at a design frequency of 5.5 GHz and it achieves an optically-tuned bandwidth of 150 MHz, from 5.50 GHz to 5.65 GHz.

Journal Article Type Conference Paper
Start Date May 27, 2018
Publication Date Apr 26, 2018
Print ISSN 0271-4310
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Volume 2018-May
Book Title 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
Chapter Number 1
ISBN 9781538648810
APA6 Citation Kossifos, K. M., Antoniades, M. A., Georgiou, J., Jaafar, A. H., & Kemp, N. T. (2018). An Optically-Programmable Absorbing Metasurface. IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2018-May,
Publisher URL
Copyright Statement © Copyright 2018 IEEE


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