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Production of syngas by pressurized fluidized bed gasification of German Lignite in a H2O/CO2 atmosphere

Long, Xiangyi; Skoulou, Vicky; Paterson, Nigel; Agorio-Millan, Marcos


Xiangyi Long

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Dr Vicky Skoulou
Director of Research in Chemical Engineering ;Lecturer in Chemical Engineering-Bioenergy ; PI of the B3: Biomass waste- Bioenergy- Biochars Challenge Group

Nigel Paterson

Marcos Agorio-Millan


The oxyfuel gasification concept enables a N2 free gas to be obtained by fluidised bed gasification (FBG). This process uses CO2 to moderate the bed temperature and thus agglomeration. An alternative cooling medium is steam, which could be employed as a single gasification agent, or in a mixture with CO2. However, the impact of different steam to CO2 ratios in the product distribution and operatability of the gasifier needs to be investigated. In this context, the present study focused on the fluidized bed gasification of German lignite with steam/CO2 mixtures as gasification medium under different operating conditions of temperature and pressure. A continuous high-pressure laboratory-scale, fluidised bed reactor was used for evaluating the gasification performance of this fuel.The effect of a gasification agent consisting of different steam to CO2 ratios at different conditions of temperature (750-950oC), pressure (up to 10 bar)and gas to fuel ratio (steam and steam/CO2) was assesed. By varying the operational conditions, it is expected that the process can be tailored to produce syngas of different compositions, which in turn can be used for different applications ranging from H2 generation for utilization in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) to production of chemicals and power generation.

Presentation Conference Type Speech
Start Date Sep 15, 2014
APA6 Citation Long, X., Skoulou, V., Paterson, N., & Agorio-Millan, M. (2014, September). Production of syngas by pressurized fluidized bed gasification of German Lignite in a H2O/CO2 atmosphere. Presented at 10th European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications (10th ERCCIA), University of Hull, UK
Keywords fluidized bed, gasification, coal, syngas, steam, CO2
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