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Professor Kevin Riggs


Kevin Riggs

Professor of Psychology

Biography Kevin Riggs has research interests in cognition and development. He is particularly interested higher cognitive functions, including social and logical reasoning, imaginative thinking, the executive functions, and, more recently, language. His research has been funded by various universities as well as the Economic and Social Research Council, the NHS, the French Centre for scientific research (CNRS) and the European Science Foundation. He joined the University of Hull in 2011 after lecturing posts in Sheffield, Birmingham and London.
Teaching and Learning Dr Riggs welcomes applications from students interested in word learning, action learning, tool use, theory of mind, and counterfactual thinking.

Completed PhDs (as both 1st or 2nd supervisor)

- Dr Cathy Grant (1999) Autism and theory of mind

- Dr Andrew Simpson (2004) Cognitive development / inhibitory processing

- Dr Dan Carroll (2004) Cognitive development / executive functions

- Dr Helen Broadley (2011) Autism and Counseling

- Dr Amanda Holland (2014) Fast mapping / word learning

- Dr Sharon Cox (2014) Theory of mind and addiction

- Dr Iveta Eimontaite (2016) Neural correlates of decision making

- Dr Dane Rowley (2016) Moral & social reasoning in TBI patients

- Dr Erin Dysart (2016 ) Action & word learning

- Dr Jennifer Boland (2017) Hypothetical thinking in depression

- Dr Wan Ying Zhao (2017) Neural correlates of gesture processing

- Dr Ilse Coolen (2018) Mathematical cognition in children

- Joshua Plant (2019) Perspective taking in autism (MSc)

- Dr Andrew Lucas (2020) Word learning in adults

- Dr Lee Parkin (2021) Neural correlates of spatial processing

Current students

- Tom Peney (2021-2024) Cognitive processes in VR
Scopus Author ID 8882267100