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Biography My project explores past, present and future understanding of community flood experiences using archival reviews, semi-structured interviews and serious gaming (games not solely meant for entertainment). The study focuses on justice issues in urban flood risk management, a growing concern due to the rising frequency and impact of floods on humans, livelihoods and property. I examine how culture (value systems consisting of ideas, actions and symbols) inform ongoing urban flood injustices in the (Hull) United Kingdom and Calgary (Canada), given that flood risk in cities is increasing due to climate change, population growth and urbanisation. I explore similarities and differences in Hull and Calgary to build shared and divergent perspectives of flood risk management policies and practices in responding to disproportionate flood effects on urban communities. The study aims to transform urban flood resilience by exploring how urban local authorities can operationalise justice perspectives in policy and practice.
Research Interests My research interests are in:
flood justice
flood history
flood resilience
flood risk management
serious games
international comparative research