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Polymer-protein conjugate particles with biocatalytic activity for stabilization of water-in-water emulsions

Xue, Long-Hui; Xie, Chun-Yan; Meng, Shi-Xin; Bai, Rui-Xue; Yang, Xin; Wang, Yaolei; Wang, Shu; Binks, Bernard P.; Guo, Ting; Meng, Tao


Long-Hui Xue

Chun-Yan Xie

Shi-Xin Meng

Rui-Xue Bai

Xin Yang

Yaolei Wang

Shu Wang

Ting Guo

Tao Meng


Water-in-water (w/w) emulsions are attractive micro-compartmentalized platforms due to their outstanding biocom-patibility. To address the main disadvantage of poor stability that hampers their practical application, here we report a novel type of polymer-protein conjugate emulsifier obtained by Schiff base synthesis to stabilize w/w emulsions. In par-ticular, the proposed mild approach benefits the modification of proteins of suitable size and wettability as particulate emulsifiers retaining their bioactivity. As demonstrated in a model system, the methoxy polyethylene glycol (mPEG)-urease conjugate particles anchor at the w/w interfaces, where they serve as an effective emulsifier-combined-catalyst and catalyze the hydrolysis of urea in water to ammonium carbonate. Our study is unique in that it employs bioactive particles to stabilize w/w emulsions. Considering the characteristics of all-aqueous, compartmental and interfacial bio-catalysis of the system, it will open up new possibilities in the life sciences.

Publication Date Jul 18, 2017
Journal ACS Macro Letters
Electronic ISSN 2161-1653
Publisher American Chemical Society
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 6
Issue 7
Pages 679-683
APA6 Citation Xue, L., Xie, C., Meng, S., Bai, R., Yang, X., Wang, Y., …Meng, T. (2017). Polymer-protein conjugate particles with biocatalytic activity for stabilization of water-in-water emulsions. ACS Macro Letters, 6(7), 679-683.
Keywords mPEG-protein conjugate particles, Emulsifiers, Water-in-water emulsions, Biocatalytic activity, Compartmentalization
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Copyright Statement © 2018 University of Hull
Additional Information This is a description of an article which has been published in: ACS macro letters, 2017, v.6, issue 7


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